What does a slatted frame do?

The different types of slatted frames ensure correct orthopedic lying on the sleeping system consisting of a mattress and slatted frame. They cushion the mattress, help with weight distribution and provide ventilation from below.

We will introduce you to the different types of slatted frames and explain the difference to other frames. Visit our website, Bestmattress-brand.org is a blog about sleeping better


The classic spring wood frame

The most common slatted type is the traditional spring wood slatted frame. In addition to spring wood frame, there is also the slatted frame spring strip frame. The difference between the two slatted frame types is the strips.

A spring wood frame is of course made of wood. Its individual components are a stable outer frame and strips attached to the frame. The so-called slats are curved and have resilient properties to cushion the mattress. They can be wood-overlapping or internally processed in elastic and durable rubber (rubber) or plastic caps. The frame of spring wood slatted frames is usually made for better stability and resilience of solid wood of beech, but also occasionally made of pine or very ecologically made of bamboo wood. Laminated wood is used for the slats. Springwood frames provide better sleeping comfort by using different fixed ergonomic zones and adjusting the center zone’s hardness via sliders or double slats by supporting the mattress and the body.

Representation of the ladder technology of spring wood strip and strip cap spring strip frames are in no way inferior to the conventional spring wood frame. The modern versions have plastic strips instead of wood. Therefore, the spring strip frame has a lower weight than the springwood frame. The strips are stored as in the model movable in caps made of latex or plastic. They can be wood-overlapping or internally processed in elastic and durable rubber or plastic caps. The strip storage decides the area of ​​the suspension. They react flexibly to the movements during sleep and provide optimal body support. Thus, the individual degree of hardness is achieved in each area to sleep well supported.