Mattress measures: how to choose the right one?

Memory foam coupling with pocket spring technology brings comfort to even higher levels. In recent times, the technologies that are at the base of recent tests have been mixed. The pocket springs have increased the elasticity of the structure without losing rigidity. By combining this technology with memory foam, an even more punctual weight response is generated. Localized support is increased.

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The springs inside the mattress structure are covered with a memory material. At the point of contact, the memory acquires the position of the body weight and the response of the underlying spring, thus coming to contain it. The contact point becomes more delicate and natural.

Which mattress is best suited to your needs? Here is everything you need to know to find your way around the world of mattress measurements.

Mattress sizes play a very important role in the quality of rest: to sleep well, it is essential to choose a model of ideal dimensions, which must be established according to one’s body size.

Resting on a structure that is too small for your needs, in fact, is a big mistake: if the mattress is not suitable for your body, this will tend to assume incorrect positions during the night, resulting in fatigue, difficulty concentrating, and of the head, and muscular pains.

When you go to buy a new product it is therefore important to evaluate the mattress dimensions well. On the market, there are 3 standard mattress sizes:

190 × 80 cm for single mattresses;

190 × 160 cm for double mattresses;

190 × 120 cm for 1 and a half beds.

How do you figure out which size is best suited to our body?

The ideal mattress is one that allows those who sleep to spread their legs and arms freely without reaching the edges of the bed.

But let’s take a closer look at the distinctions between the different mattress sizes and how to choose the perfect size for your mattress.

Mattresses sizes: single, double, 1 and a half square:

The standard mattress sizes are not randomly decided: they are the result of various studies and research on the quality and dynamics of sleep and are established by different manufacturers based on specific regulations.

The standard dimensions of the mattresses also vary according to the countries in which they are produced.