Different types of memory foam mattresses?

The main feature of the memory foam mattress is that it adapts with the heat and weight of the body to the body itself, especially the spine. Latex mattresses, on the other hand, deform with body weight and deformation is not temporary.

The memory foam mattresses work according to the support crying, therefore a fundamental role is exercised by the type of networks. The bed surface in no way affects the effectiveness of mattresses with independent springs or pocket springs.

Models of memory foam mattresses:

There are several models of memory foam mattresses on the market, let’s see what they are and the characteristics of each one.

Memory mattress with aloe vera:

This mattress model is covered with removable and washable fabric with “Aloe Vera” treatment and is padded with hypoallergenic fibers. The Aloe Vera memory mattress is ecological because it is biodegradable, and, thanks to the fiber obtained from this natural plant, it offers an extremely pleasant contact with the body.

Memory foam and water foam mattress:

The water foam is made with polyurethane foam, a material that has the characteristic of being highly breathable, elastic and therefore non-deformable. Its elasticity provides excellent support for the spine and helps maintain a correct position during sleep. So a mixed solution, characterized by a product that has the qualities of water foam associated with those of memory foam, is a guarantee of comfortable rest.

Memory foam and fresh gel mattress:

Memory foam reacts to body heat and if on the one hand, this is an advantage on the other it can cause an unpleasant sensation of heat during the summer. Those who have problems with excessive sweating or bad heat can opt for a memory foam mattress with fresh gel. The latter is a layer made of water-based foam with small particles of gel with high breathability that keeps the mattress cool.

Find where to go to buy a mattress by reading others’ reviews and with due diligence online.

Memory foam and latex mattress:

With a memory and latex mattress, you have qualities of both materials in a single product. Mattresses with this composition are hypoallergenic and antibacterial. Thanks to the memory foam layer they will take our shape, while the latex layer makes them breathable and can provide excellent support for the spine.