Mattress models: Don’t compromise with your needs!

Are you buying a new mattress for you and your family? Have you invested in the right mattress model? Are you resting upon the old mattress model which has lasted long? Don’t invest in something which is going to disturb your restful sleep during the night. It is important to choose a wise option without any trouble. Are you looking or mattress varieties? Have you gone through the list of mattress models present for side sleepers? The most important thing which a side sleeper must consider is the mattress surface. On the other hand, the back sleepers must also prefer a comfortable surface under their body.

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Is it good to invest in a comfortable mattress for side sleepers?

It is extremely an excellent option if you’re investing in a mattress which is highly comfortable. Without a great level of comfort, your body might end up getting stiff during the night. You might wake up in a painful situation that will disturb your entire healthy lifestyle. Don’t face such situations and avoid any firm surface under your body. This could be a disturbing situation for you throughout the night. Don’t exceed your comfort level. It could be a discomfort if you’re always resting upon a bad comfort level.

The discomfort will make your sleep quality bad

Are you sleeping in a discomfort? Then it is going to degrade the quality of your sleep and will make you fall into a situation of trouble. Don’t trouble your health with any bad choice or wrong decision in the mattress selection process. With bad quality sleep, you might end up falling in a situation of trouble. This trouble would create difficulty in your sleeping schedule. It would interrupt in your healthy sleep routine. This could be a great factor which influences your health condition.

Make your sleep better to be the better version of you

Sleeping helps you to become a better person like meditation. Sleeping is just like meditation, but here you stop all the senses and enters the world full of dreams. Dieting and exercise help you to improve your physical health but sleeping helps to improve your physical as well as mental health. Everyone should take appropriate sleep to keep yourself focus and healthy. A comfortable mattress can help you to sleep better and make you what you are instead of pretending to be someone.

How bad sleeps effect your mental health?

Sleeping with a nightmare is the different story but sleeping with the bad experience is different. So, if you are having bad sleep then you must know what it will do with your brain and body. Not having slept for long enough need is a very serious issue. It can harm your brain. Because sleeping is the only way suggested to put your brain on the rest mode and if you are not sleeping for at least 6 to 8 hours then it will not provide your brain full rest. Which result the brain will never stop thinking and working. This may lead you towards insomnia as well as towards depression. This also became the reason for you to lose focus in life. You always get disturbed and irritated.

How to avoid bad sleeping patterns

To avoid bad sleeping patterns just do meditation before sleeping and always think about good things. This may help you to break the loop of bad sleeping time. You may also try to figure out is your mattress is providing you the proper comfort you need if no then change it with the new one as soon as possible. First of all ask from yourself that “Should I get a new mattress” and then Visit the mattress store and ask the experts for the suggestions. They will guide you as per their best knowledge to help you. If still not satisfied with your sleep then visit the doctor who can give you adequate advice. Try all the things to make your sleep god so that you can meet the real you. You will never feel fatigue anymore and this will also keep your mind positive and attracted to good things. 

Mattress measures: how to choose the right one?

Memory foam coupling with pocket spring technology brings comfort to even higher levels. In recent times, the technologies that are at the base of recent tests have been mixed. The pocket springs have increased the elasticity of the structure without losing rigidity. By combining this technology with memory foam, an even more punctual weight response is generated. Localized support is increased.

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The springs inside the mattress structure are covered with a memory material. At the point of contact, the memory acquires the position of the body weight and the response of the underlying spring, thus coming to contain it. The contact point becomes more delicate and natural.

Which mattress is best suited to your needs? Here is everything you need to know to find your way around the world of mattress measurements.

Mattress sizes play a very important role in the quality of rest: to sleep well, it is essential to choose a model of ideal dimensions, which must be established according to one’s body size.

Resting on a structure that is too small for your needs, in fact, is a big mistake: if the mattress is not suitable for your body, this will tend to assume incorrect positions during the night, resulting in fatigue, difficulty concentrating, and of the head, and muscular pains.

When you go to buy a new product it is therefore important to evaluate the mattress dimensions well. On the market, there are 3 standard mattress sizes:

190 × 80 cm for single mattresses;

190 × 160 cm for double mattresses;

190 × 120 cm for 1 and a half beds.

How do you figure out which size is best suited to our body?

The ideal mattress is one that allows those who sleep to spread their legs and arms freely without reaching the edges of the bed.

But let’s take a closer look at the distinctions between the different mattress sizes and how to choose the perfect size for your mattress.

Mattresses sizes: single, double, 1 and a half square:

The standard mattress sizes are not randomly decided: they are the result of various studies and research on the quality and dynamics of sleep and are established by different manufacturers based on specific regulations.

The standard dimensions of the mattresses also vary according to the countries in which they are produced.

Different types of memory foam mattresses?

The main feature of the memory foam mattress is that it adapts with the heat and weight of the body to the body itself, especially the spine. Latex mattresses, on the other hand, deform with body weight and deformation is not temporary.

The memory foam mattresses work according to the support crying, therefore a fundamental role is exercised by the type of networks. The bed surface in no way affects the effectiveness of mattresses with independent springs or pocket springs.

Models of memory foam mattresses:

There are several models of memory foam mattresses on the market, let’s see what they are and the characteristics of each one.

Memory mattress with aloe vera:

This mattress model is covered with removable and washable fabric with “Aloe Vera” treatment and is padded with hypoallergenic fibers. The Aloe Vera memory mattress is ecological because it is biodegradable, and, thanks to the fiber obtained from this natural plant, it offers an extremely pleasant contact with the body.

Memory foam and water foam mattress:

The water foam is made with polyurethane foam, a material that has the characteristic of being highly breathable, elastic and therefore non-deformable. Its elasticity provides excellent support for the spine and helps maintain a correct position during sleep. So a mixed solution, characterized by a product that has the qualities of water foam associated with those of memory foam, is a guarantee of comfortable rest.

Memory foam and fresh gel mattress:

Memory foam reacts to body heat and if on the one hand, this is an advantage on the other it can cause an unpleasant sensation of heat during the summer. Those who have problems with excessive sweating or bad heat can opt for a memory foam mattress with fresh gel. The latter is a layer made of water-based foam with small particles of gel with high breathability that keeps the mattress cool.

Find where to go to buy a mattress by reading others’ reviews and with due diligence online.

Memory foam and latex mattress:

With a memory and latex mattress, you have qualities of both materials in a single product. Mattresses with this composition are hypoallergenic and antibacterial. Thanks to the memory foam layer they will take our shape, while the latex layer makes them breathable and can provide excellent support for the spine.

Mattress that is suitable for any weight of the human body

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What does a slatted frame do?

The different types of slatted frames ensure correct orthopedic lying on the sleeping system consisting of a mattress and slatted frame. They cushion the mattress, help with weight distribution and provide ventilation from below.

We will introduce you to the different types of slatted frames and explain the difference to other frames. Visit our website, is a blog about sleeping better


The classic spring wood frame

The most common slatted type is the traditional spring wood slatted frame. In addition to spring wood frame, there is also the slatted frame spring strip frame. The difference between the two slatted frame types is the strips.

A spring wood frame is of course made of wood. Its individual components are a stable outer frame and strips attached to the frame. The so-called slats are curved and have resilient properties to cushion the mattress. They can be wood-overlapping or internally processed in elastic and durable rubber (rubber) or plastic caps. The frame of spring wood slatted frames is usually made for better stability and resilience of solid wood of beech, but also occasionally made of pine or very ecologically made of bamboo wood. Laminated wood is used for the slats. Springwood frames provide better sleeping comfort by using different fixed ergonomic zones and adjusting the center zone’s hardness via sliders or double slats by supporting the mattress and the body.

Representation of the ladder technology of spring wood strip and strip cap spring strip frames are in no way inferior to the conventional spring wood frame. The modern versions have plastic strips instead of wood. Therefore, the spring strip frame has a lower weight than the springwood frame. The strips are stored as in the model movable in caps made of latex or plastic. They can be wood-overlapping or internally processed in elastic and durable rubber or plastic caps. The strip storage decides the area of ​​the suspension. They react flexibly to the movements during sleep and provide optimal body support. Thus, the individual degree of hardness is achieved in each area to sleep well supported.